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Vanky Kataria:

Expert Writer for Better Days Global

International Presenter

[ Founder of Science of Everything ]



Vanky Kenny Kataria, Founder, Science of Everything is a scientific speaker, international presenter and an entrepreneur. After losing six public speaking competitions in a row , Vanky got his breakthrough when he represented India as one of its 8 representatives at the IET-PATW South Asian Regional level competition for students and young professionals. The competition ended in sheer disappointment with Vanky losing it badly. Determined to come up with something unique, he came up with the concept of ‘Football Science and Technology’ which aimed at bridging the gap between science and sports. This research led him to the runner-up position in the 2016 edition of IET-PATW, South Asia. Since then, Vanky Kataria has been researching on different fields such as the science behind successful movie titles, science behind why some jokes are so funny and some are not, and other unconventional yet fascinating topics. He has made his way by winning international public speak competitions, winning scholarships and Keynote speaking engagements. He has been mentoring students through his seminars on topics like: ‘The Science behind How to give a Killer Presentation’ and ‘Science behind Why first impression is your last impression’ and others. He strongly believes and always emphasizes that “Your certificates may be lost, your trophies could rust, your resume could be thrown away, but, one thing would still prevail and that is Knowledge".


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