T  H  I  S    I  S    N  O  T    H  O  W    Y  O  U  R    S  T  O  R  Y    E  N  D  S  ;

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Stevel Marc:

Expert Writer for Better Days Global

[ Best-Selling Author, Model and Actor ]



Stevel Marc is the first of two children for Jasmine Williams and Carlton McDonald. He grew up in Portland, Jamaica. His modeling career has presented numerous opportunities with international modeling contracts jetting him off to London, New York, Asia, South Africa, and parts of Europe.


Stevel has featured in various television and cinema commercials including but not limited to; Revlon (featuring Halle Berry and Eva Mendes), BlackBerry, Coca Cola, and KFC. Stevel Marc also works as a voice over artist and has already lent his voice to Samsung Mobile, Budweiser, Malibu Caribbean Rum, Toyota and many more. His works go beyond the screen and the magazines, as he is also a Best Selling Author of 'The Refined Player' and is currently working on his second book.


For more on Stevel visit: stevelmarc.com

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