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Nikki Payne:

Expert Writer for Better Days Global

[ Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker ]



Nikki Payne is a woman who defines 'getting back up'. Her story of trauma, pain, and destruction is nothing short of heart-wrenching. She was a person that had everything; 2 wonderful children, a loving husband, a great job and a new home, but she lost it all. In 2007, she was taken to the lowest point of her life when her husband murdered her 2 year old daughter, her 7 year old son and then committed suicide. Her entire world was shattered and within 18 months, she was bankrupt, faced a foreclosure, lost her identity and thought about ending her own life. Yet, her story didn't end on that page, as she used every bit of her remaining strength to impact lives all around the world. She became a voice of hope for the hopeless and a prolific speaker and writer who impacts lives around the globe. Nikki is an example that scars, stories and our journey matters. Her purpose is larger than all that she has been through, and he story is still not over.


For more on Nikki visit: nikkispayne.com

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