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At Better Days Global Academy, we provide personal development courses to empower, inspire and educate people from all walks of life. We work with educational establishments, businesses and individuals, who aim to experience their better days. Our courses are tailored to the needs of those whom we work with, and we are flexible with our material. For more information on the courses we deliver, and to find the course that best suits you, please click the icons below to navigate to your desired course.

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The 13th Hour Course is a personal and professional assessment course designed to identify potential blindspots, bring clarity to some of life’s key elements, and break attachments to emotional and mental strongholds. The course has 12 one hour segments broken down over 3 days which cover a range of topics including; perspective, interpretation, focus, order, planning, mindset, unhealthy attachments to both the past and future, and designing life from an unlimited view point.


The kinds of people who participate in the course are those who want more out of their lives. Those who need clarity, and a fresh perspective. Those who need help with creating balance and open to correction. Others are people who have great ideas and ambitions but need an overall recalibration to create a shift in their paths of life.


They are people who want to know how to avoid or navigate their way through plateaus. Whether personal or professional, our members all have one things in common; a desire for more. Many are not aware of what the more is, but leave being more aware and prepared to execute life in a more clear, efficient way.

The Elevate Course is a personal development course designed to inspire, empower, educate and prepare young people. It is our mission to equip young people with the tools necessary to be secure in their own unique identify, broaden their horizons, and help them to see the significance of their contributions to this global world. The course material can be delivered in a range of time frames including; 1 Hour School Assemblies, 1 Hour After-School Clubs, 4 Hour Workshops, and 2 Hour Workshops over agreed number of consecutive weeks.


The course covers a range of topics including; self-esteem, respect, perspective, interpretation, focus, order, planning, mindset, conflict resolution, self-control, behaviour, punctuality & attendance, and designing life from an unlimited view point.

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