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Billings Siwila:

Expert Writer for Better Days Global

[ Author, Actor ] CEO Beyond Hollywood Success



Billings Siwila is an apt and experienced actor who has worked in several international movies and productions. He has worked alongside some of the great Hollywood and Nollywood actors and has produced, written and directed a plethora of films.


Billings is also the author of the Best-Selling, awe-inspiring 532 paged book 'Beyond Hollywood Success', which is written in the context of acting, modeling and filmmaking. It is stylishly designed in magazine format to satiate the visual appetites of our era and generation. His prescision in his writing is also displayed in his power as a public speaker. He is passionate about helping others to discover their Designer-inspired identity and secondly, teaches how to package  potential into a product.


For more on Billings visit: beyondhollywoodsuccess.com

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